Step One

This is step one in starting my personal site. I have a self-imposed duty to face my fears. And writing is one of them... especially publicly. In my youth, I didn't enjoy reading for many years and especially abhorred writing. My high school senior English teacher once told me that I argued far better than I wrote. It's probably still true. The aspect that I've come to discover as ridiculous is that there is nearly no reason for this. It always feel like when I'm talking, words often just flow. But with writing, there is this mental block that for some reason gives me pause. Maybe it's on permanent record, my perfectionism, or its unfiltered dissemination.

Facing your fears is time well spent in my opinion. Going through life having fear is just a massive waste of energy and brain power. It can make you catatonic. Keep you from experiencing vast new things. It's like having blinders on or a cast on a limb that isn't broken.

Around 2008 I had several ideas for iOS apps. I didn't know Objective C or even C. And my trepidation kept me from even starting to learn Objective C. Why? I am not entirely sure. Maybe it was something I perceived as difficult. Maybe I thought I couldn't finish. Maybe my app wouldn't be good. Good enough for me at least. Regardless, I didn't take the plunge until a few years later and effectively forced myself into this gratifying world by attending a iOS class. Money was now on the line. Flight, hotel, the works.

It worked. I at least took the leap and started doing tutorials and small little apps in my spare time. I tried, unsuccessfully, to get my employer to let me spend my work time building an iOS app for them. Too much time went by, but I finally had enough. I needed to publish an app.

I was an oft-passenger on the St. Louis MetroLink and getting the schedule on my iPhone was terrible. Fumbling though their (at the time) terrible site or storing off a PDF that was far from mobile friendly, I had enough. An app that cleanly listed stations, trains, and times. That's it. I finally launched Metro-Time on the App Store in 2013.

A few weeks ago @LutherBaker mentioned to me about one of our co-workers taking part in an incentive pool with some other bloggers. There was a weekly ante in an attempt to keep themselves writing. Small stakes, but money is on the line nonetheless. After some internal mulling and discussion with @LutherBaker and @TheKnlght, we decided to do the same. After @TeamNeem's pool dissolved, she has now joined ours as well.

But post isn't about incentive pools or Metro-Time. It's about me facing my fear, setting aside perfectionism, and telling that tiny voice of fear in my head to shut the hell up.

One is done.


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One Man Army by Our Lady Peace
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One Thing by Finger Eleven
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